MTV - 6 Seconds




MTV Networks


Television ident for MTV Networks to help launch MTV Denmark featuring a deconstruction of a simple accident on a staircase.


MTV started as an American music television channel but has since become a major global music and entertainment network. MTV is behind many major events, concerts & trendsetting television programs and is considered a modern pop-culture icon.

MTV got in touch with me when they were about to launch MTV Denmark. They needed fresh input from the forefront of Danish designers and artists. They needed short videos in between their programs to help brand their channel. I was basically given total freedom as long as I produced intriguing visuals that made people look and think.

I helped MTV launch MTV Denmark by making a short film that highlighted the increasing surveillance in people’s daily lives. The result was a film that de-constructed a simple accident on a staircase containing suspense, twists and surprises. The launch of MTV Denmark was a success and the short film stayed on the channel for several years.

I really wish the quality of the video was better but unfortunately video was often shot on interlaced DV PAL back then. And yes, it is me running up the stairs. Both my shins and the stairs needed repair after 67 takes!