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Omniyat Properties


iPhone app for remote controlling a high-tech luxury apartment in Dubai, managing entertainment, communication and the surrounding environment.


Omniyat Properties is a real estate investment and development company, headquartered in Dubai. The Pad is the world's first cybertecture apartment tower and Dubai's most technologically advanced building. Every Pad apartment is intelligent and has its own Cybertecture that covers everything from entertainment to communication and the surrounding environment.

Omniyat Properties contacted me when they needed a design for an app that remote controlled the many facilities of their advanced luxury apartment. They required the interface of the app to be simple and logically presented while reflecting the design of the apartment.

I helped Omniyat Properties with art direction and design of an app that intuitively navigated the apartment's many facilities by designing a tailor-made user interface, organizing each major facility into clearly distinguishable color coded areas.

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